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Company Overview

Strong values of morality and ethics is what makes Garment Resources an epitome of quality manufacturing. Established as a buying agency in 2003, the transition of Garment Resources to a garment manufacturing facility happened in 2007. Garment Resources now manufactures and exports woven garments to serve fashion, work-wear and promotional companies worldwide.

Garment Resources has grown from a unit started with only 5 stitching machines to now producing 35,000 pieces a month with an employee strength of 100, reflecting on its commitment to quality production.

Using state-of-the art machinery, skilled labour and certified commercial partners for raw material, Garment Resources has over the years refined and lived up to its standards of high quality and excellent service.

Boasting an unparalleled unique model of comparatively lower MOQs – high quality – competitive prices, it has not only given Garment Resources an edge over other manufacturing facilities but has enabled it to help many clothing brands with lower quantity requirements.

Garment Resources, therefore, takes pride in its legacy and hopes to build and grow to a company known for its sustainable and ethical manufacturing services.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled garment manufacturing services which not just meets but exceeds the customer’s requirements and expectations. Customer care and support is at the heart of Garment Resources. We ensure this through our deep rooted excellent communication culture that enables us to understand our customer’s requirements.

Investing in our people and embracing the technological advancements, Garment Resources aims to provide and be recognized for sustainable and ethical manufacturing services.

To be at the forefront of sustainable textile manufacturing through commitment, quality, innovation and a relationship built on trust.

Social Compliance

Garment Resources fully complies with international social, environmental & quality standards. We balance the potential risks and opportunities associated with conducting business under ethical grounds. We specifically assess the following:

  • Health and Safety Conditions: All health and safety checks are in place at our manufacturing facility including fire-fighting systems, reasonable number of lighting and air supply, restrooms and first-aid facilities.
  • Human Rights: We ensure that all our procedures including employment is in tune with international standards and take strict action towards violation of any sort of personal or professional rights. Garment Resources prides itself on having zero tolerance towards child labour and gender discrimination / harassment.
  • Political, Economic and Social Environment: We ensure measures to protect the company’s commercial interests and corporate image along with taking care of the environment around us.

We Care

A big Garment Resources family, that’s what our employees mean to us. We ensure and assist them in:

  • Child education
  • Boarding/lodging/transportation issues
  • Medical care
  • General (overall) wellbeing of the employees

We regularly host lunches and dinners for our employees and wage workers as we believe that happy workers perform better at their jobs.

In certain cases, Garment Resources extends finance facility to the less privileged for starting up their own businesses. This financing is done on 0% interest rate and runs over an extended period of time.

We also collaborate with certain non-profit organizations to impart education to the less privileged and to help those from low socio-economic backgrounds start up their own business ventures.


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