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What We Do

Garment Resources

At Garment Resources, we are dedicated to providing complete woven garment manufacturing solutions.

Boasting a high customer-centric approach, we offer complete production services including raw material sourcing, pattern making, grading, production, textile processing, etc. all the while working on low MOQs – competitive cost strategy. With a team of highly skilled labour, you can be assured that the quality of the product that reaches you is of the highest international standard.

As an initiative to boost entrepreneurship, we are also actively involved in the production of garments for start-up companies. Not only do we provide a platform for them to experiment their designs, we also guide them in the industry from our experience of over 13 years.

Whether you are an emerging designer, a fashion pioneer, or a garment importer looking for a production partner to scale with you, Garment Resources is here to fill that need.